Wednesday, August 10, 2011

15 reasons to hate SMS

I tweeted in the morning that I prefer email to SMS and some asked why. Here is the answer.

Email or SMS?
  1. Typing a message and then shortening the words to make sure that the message fits into 160 characters is just sick.
  2. No need to take pains to understand those gibberish shortened forms beause people tend to type full words in Email
  3. No panic at the end of the month seeing that SMS is the reason for that 1957.00 LKR mobile bill. Yeah SMS is like 50cents or sth, but when we over do, it affects.
  4. People think SMS is chat. They send one message, I reply, they ask another question. Well we can jolly well use IM for that or simply give a 1 min voice call
  5. I hate typing in that tiny phone keyboard.
  6. Why pay for internet/GPRS/Mobile broadband and also for sms?
  7. Cannot attach pics/ vids or any other documents.
  8. Email does not disturb. I check my email when I'm free (well, in this case sms is good for urgent messages as long as these messages do not turn out to be chats)
  9. There is no "snooze" or "mark as unread" in my phone and thus I always forget to reply SMS.
  10. There is no "report spam" button for SMS and thus have to tolerate SMS spammers.
  11. There is no "labelling", "Filtering" or "prioritizing" available for my SMS inbox and it makes my SMS inbox a mess (yeah I'm a Gmail lover)
  12. I always miss that important SMS but not the email.
  13. Sending the SMS to several people means that I'm charged (sms fee) X (number of people) and if it is email, sending to one = sending to thousand people.
  14. There is no "reply all" option for SMS. It sucks when I have to take decisions via SMS. If it is email, all the people in the thread can see what the others say. Therefore, it is easy to make a decision.
  15. We can have better control over email where SMS is uncontrollable. In another words, there are only few options to change in SMS settings.
There can be SMS lovers and they might have 15 reasons to love SMS. If you are such a person, you are free to share your ideas. These reasons represent my taste, needs and the facilities I have.

What do you think? 


  1. පළවෙනි කාරණේ ඇර අනිත් කාරණා සමඟ එකඟයි සහෝදරී. :)

  2. තාම හැමෝටම ඊමේල් නැති වීමත්,එස් එම් එස් තරමටම ඊමේල් ජනතාව තුලට ව්‍යාප්ත නොවීමත් යන කාරනා එක්ක නම් මම SMS වලට කැමැති.හැබැයි බිල එනකොටනම් ලබනමාසෙ එක SMS එකක්වත් ගහන්නෙ නැ කියල තමයි හිතෙන්නෙ[කරගන්න බැරි උනාට.]

  3. You may as well say "I prefer car over bicycle". ;)

  4. මටනම් තාම පෝන් බිලෙන් අවුලක් නෑ. 100ක් දැම්මාම මාසෙකටත් වැඩිය පාවිච්චි කරනවා :D

  5. I agree with you sister. I hate SMS because people type words in several ways that hard to understand. (use a and e to make the same meaning) than it takes time to type messages. replying for messages is a headache for me. people can use 1minute voice call instead of sending two sms messages.(it's true with many networks)

  6. Well, as an insight to the current phone usage I can say the same. People need not use those huge touchscreen phones with Advanced/New this and that they can just be the plain ol' phone you used like 5,6 years ago just that phone calls, sms, and an optional radio may be. If that's the bicycle, most people prefer cars to that now. And with those you get this problem, there's no need of paying for SMS as a service if you already pay for the internet if you have it on your phone. That's only when the problem arises..depends on what people use simply.

  7. For filtering kind of stuff some phones do support that..(may be your phone is not supporting that ), You can set the settings to delete messages automatically  or to skip the inbox as in mail filtering. 
    mmmmmmmm I don't have solutions for other stuff, I have to agree with you.. :P

  8. As it is true for many things, the problem is with the way we personally use it, not the tool/service as a whole. Personally I have a mobile which can only make calls and send SMSs and I only recharge Rs. 100 a month and send many SMSs but hardly any voice call. It allows me to rethink about my ideas before I express it to someone and store them for later use.

    But I agree, if you have better ways, why not use them?

  9. මටනං SMS සුත් එකයි Email ලුත් එකයී අප්පා. හැබැයි SMS ට වඩා call හොදයි. Email එකක් එවලා Email බලන්න කියලා SMS එකක් එවනවනන් එක ගොඩක් හොදයි.

  10. But I like too much it akka. Because it's the easiest and cheapest way for lovers etc.................

  11.  yes, can understand. Preferences change according to your needs :) But believe me, email used this way is more cheaper than SMS

  12. SMS වලට වඩා කෝල් හොඳයි කියන කතාවට නම් එකඟයි :) එත් ඊ මේල් එකක් එවලා බලන්න කියලා SMS එවන ඒක නම් අනේ මන්දා :S

  13. hehe my phone is not a high tech one and does not support those stuff. There can be third party applications but most of the time, they make the phone slow. So I prefer the original SMS inbox.

  14. yes ayya, voice call is better than a chat over SMS. I have updated the post :) Seems you and me think alike " replying for messages is a headache for me" too.

  15. අම්මෝ,,, පූස් ශෝක් නේ :D

  16. Agree with what you say about re-thinking before posting. The advantage of Email, SMS, & chat is that they allow us some time to think, but not a voice call. So some times, decisions taken during a phone call cannot be the best one.

    And also, what you say about personal use is correct. For you 100 LKR might be ok, but for some one who has more work and more things to do might have to spend a lot for communication. For such people, using the easiest and the cheapest way is the best method rather than opting for the simplest way

  17. Correct. I have seen some people with expensive phones but they do not make use of it. My ideas regarding hi tech equipment : It is ok to buy them if you have money. But you should make use of those equipment to make your life easy. If not, no point of buying them. Technology is there for us to use.

    I have seen some people who own internet services SMSing me when they see me online in chat. That is a waste of money. The whole point of this post is to make people use of the technology if it is available for them. I understand that it is difficult for some to use email due to internet issues etc. For them, it is OK to use SMS. but for the others? they can easily switch to chat, email and skype for easy and cheap communication

  18. ඔව් ඊ මේල් ජනතාව අතරට එච්චරම ව්‍යාප්ත වෙලා නැති එක නිසා ගැටළු ඇති වෙන්න පුළුවන්. මෙතන ඇති ඒ වගේ ඇති වුන ගැටළුවක් ගැන. මටත් මාස දෙක තුනක් ඔය විදියේ බිල් ආවා එස් එම් එස් නිසා. ඊට පස්සේ විවිධ ක්‍රම වලින් SMS පාවිච්චි කරන එක අඩු කලාම බිල අඩු කරගන්න පුළුවන් වුනා රුපියල් 500 කින් විතර.

  19. පලවෙනි කාරණේ ගැන එකඟ නැහැ කිව්වේ ඔයා එහෙම එස් එම් එස් එකක් ගහලා අකුරු 160 ක් වෙන්න වචන කෙටි කරන එක කරන්නේ නැහැ කියලද? :D

  20. The only problem with email is that you can't make sure the receiver reads the mail as soon as you send it. Which is not the case with SMS.

  21. "The only problem with email is that you can't make sure the receiver reads the mail as soon as you send it. Which is not the case with SMS."
    Are you sure! I don't check my phone just because it rings to tell me that there is a message. Specially while at work. And what if I put the phone on silence mode.  If some one have something that need my immediate attention they better call.
    What I hate about SMS is if I put the phone on silence that's it. Its not going to ring no matter what. But with calls I can set things in a way so that for specific callers I can set up the audio ringing tones and for others I can have just vibrator.

  22. hmm in my case no. I check email as soon as I get a notification that some one important had mailed me. but that is not the case with SMS. 

  23. ඒ මොකටද කියලා දැන් Deepz ට වැටහෙනවද?
    Thameera 11 hours agoThe only problem with email is that you can't make sure the receiver reads the mail as soon as you send it. Which is not the case with SMS

  24. Can u tell me how to activate email notifications to my phone. I activate desktop notifications but still trying to have it for my phone :(    

  25. email rules! I'm also not a big fan of sms. Because of the short message length its hard to say all you need to say, and I hate it when ppl sms ambiguous messages that make me sms them back. Arghh!
    I usually only SMS if calling is out of the question.
    Also, email is FREE! :D

  26. this might work. Have a look

  27. thnx thnx but gmail not respond kiyala wetenawa. but meken mama hoda game tikak download karagaththa :)

  28. Rule is this

    for professional things Email is betterfor Personal things SMS is better
    for me :)
    anyway meka ape hamineta pennanna one :)

  29. yeah sis email is freeeee, that is what matters the most..."I usually only SMS if calling is out of the question" same here

  30. It was past. Don't you have a smartphone? they don't?

    Most of us already do! :)

    FYI, Symbian is nowhere near smartphones. Even Bella is බෙල්ල දාගෙන. 

  31. The Question is:

    You want to ask someone to pick you up from somewhere as you travel in a bus. What do you choose? Imagine you have a smartphone with 4G.* SMS
    * Chat
    * Call
    * Email
    * WhatsApp / Kik

    (other party also has a smartphone).Question 2: you want someone to download Thor ASAP.


  32. for the first Q - I will go for a call and for the second Q I will go for a google SMS now :P

    check the 8 th one - "well, in this case sms is good for urgent messages as long as these messages do not turn out to be chats"