Friday, November 30, 2012

Technical Writing Unveiled - part 2

This is a second post in a series of posts about Technical Writing and I guess it would be better if you read the episode number one  first.

Continuing from the set of questions I asked you in the last post, here comes the next set of questions.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Technical Writing Unveiled - part 1

While I was about to complete one year at the university as an English Instructor,  an IT company came to me with an offer for a new job as a Technical Writer. I did not apply for the opportunity, therefore, I had no idea what Technical Writing is and what they expect from me. So the first thing I did was to consult Sadeepa, the elder brother of one of my batch mates. I remembered him having a Technical Writer as the headline in LinkedIn. Then I did a search for Technical Writers in LinkedIn and tried to get in touch with them to know what the job is really like. Meanwhile, I found some interesting blogs and news articles about the job.