Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to add a Google Plus One button to the ShareThis Widget

Google Plus One Button, the new way of recommending web content hit the internet few weeks back. By now, most of the websites and blogs have Plus One buttons. I had been using the famous share button widget from "ShareThis" and when the Plus mania hit the blogsphere, I wanted to update it.

What exactly I wanted to have was a Plus One button in my share bar like this.

I went to the "ShareThis" website to see whether there is a way to update my share bar [which did not have a Plus One button at that moment]. They had provided us with two solutions.

  1. By editing the "ShareThis" code that we already have in the blog [link]
  2. Getting a new "ShareThis" code including a Plus One button [link]
But to my dismay, none of the solutions worked for my blog. I coincidentally found out the reason today. The original sharing widget code that I got from the "ShareThis" website lacked a little script which does the underground work to get the button displayed.

Note: This works for blogger but I do not know whether it works for the other blogging platforms or not.

1. Go to Design --> Edit HTML 

2. Place the following tag in your head or just before your close body tag

3. You can get the script copied from the official Plus one button page here and insert it to your blog head section as shown below. 

4. Click save template, go to "ShareThis" and design the share widget you want. Please note that the Plus one button is only available for the share buttons with counters

5. Add the widget to your blog

6. Save the changes and you will have a share bar below all your blog posts.
PS : Thank you @ghost_xaIn for helping me test this!

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