Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Demise

Wide Open eyes,
No vision but dreams...

I didn't know what she was thinking
Her mouth wide open,

Not in hunger
But to catch a breadth of air to fly away

Weeks went by
And the doctors tried hard...

They tried hard to pull it out
It came out
But to our dismay
It loved her so much as everybody does

The cancer..
Like a parasite grew into a bulge
Invading her everything
Bowels,liver and finally the lungs

Holding my hand she whispered...
"Nilu we'll go to Heaven"

Hearing her last words, 
The parasite sniggered
And I,
As they were the last words of my mum

One day, 
As I woke up, everything at home was different

It had won

Then only I realized it..
"Nibbana" is not for me and my mum

I never can get rid of her memory

And I know,
She waits for me in Heaven


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