Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to become a Thought Leader in LinkedIn

Thought Leader is a person or a business that process innovative ideas and LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals.

Recently, LinkedIn has given us the opportunity to follow great Thought Leaders within the network. For example, if we follow Barack Obama on LinkedIn, we will be able to read his updates right in our LinkedIn home page. LinkedIn currently has a long list of thought leaders and while going through the list, I wondered how to become a thought leader within the network.

According to LinkedIn Blog, [They will] take a look at both universally-recognized thought leaders across LinkedIn and also industry-specific movers and shakers to decide who will become Thought Leaders.

However, if you cannot wait till LinkedIn recognizes you, you can request LinkedIn to make you a Thought Leader here.

Wish you all the best and buzz me back if LinkedIn recognizes you as a Thought Leader.