Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prezi - presentations are now all about zooming

Yes, Powerpoint has a powerful competitor!

Prezi is a modern presentation tool that can make you re-think about presentations.

Have a look at the video to get an idea. 

That is how Prezi can be  used for a creative presentation.

How about using a presentation like this when teaching your class about planets?

So, what is Prezi?

I would say that is a very big canvas. You can paint it the way you want. Add pictures, add music and after doing all that create views (similar to slides in PowerPoint) as you wish.

Prezi Basics

  • Prezi is not a collection of slides, it is a big canvas
  • Prezi views are a like small photos taken off the big canvas
  • Prezi is not about moving between slides, it is about zooming - zooming to the right level at the right angle
  • You can add music, videos and pictures to prezi
  • If you want to add animated text or cartoons, first create them in Flash, save as .swf and add them to Prezi (Have a look at this presentation for some inspiration)
  • Templates 
    • You can use a Template that comes with Prezi or create your won. Template acts as the background for your presentation.
  • Path
    • Path is the order of the presentation
    • Path is based on frames, simply when you click next, the presentation will move along the path you have created using frames.
    • There are four kinds of frames in prezi (Invisible, Bracket,Rectangle, Circle)
    • Add a frame to the Prezi = Adding a new slide to power point
    • Trick to master frames: Zoom into the level you like, Click edit path, then click on add current view (from the bottom left of your screen) and drag and drop the newly added frame to the position you want in the frame list.
  • Theme
    • Theme defines the Font Colors, Fonts etc that are used in your Template

What can I do with Prezi?

Does Prezi has all the Powerpoint features?

No, but Prezi is cooler than Powerpoint. If you want to see a comparison  read this document


This post is just to let you know some basic information about Prezi. If you got more questions, read the Prezi help online or ask me in the comments.

Can I see one more cool Prezi?

Yes, have a look :)

Have you used Prezi or would you use Prezi instead of Powerpoint? Let us talk in the comments..


  1. This is a prezi I made in WSO2.

  2. Nice :) love how you zoom into letters

  3. Not sure where my previous comment went :(. Anyway, I've used prezi to make a couple of high impact presentations. But when it comes to teaching, the nausea factor is a big limitation as I switch back and forth between slides to make a point, or go through certain slides quite fast. The linear format of ppt. is easy that way. I also love how videos can be used in prezi because have struggled to embed them in powerpoint!

  4. oh, sorry about the comment that disappeared :(

    yes, nausea factor is indeed an issue when it comes to a situation like you mentioned. As a solution, how about using Prezi in a linear mode, I mean without rotating views etc?

  5. The linear mode makes it very similar to ppt! Except for the transitions, I guess. Anyway... practice makes perfect. I think the point is that you need a number of tools (such as ppt and prezi) and that would help choose the best for your situation!

  6. well, if you have Powerpoint as an option, you can use it if you want presentations in linear mode, I was trying to say that Prezi is versatile and that can be used in anyway you like : you can use it like Powerpoint or Prezi itself.