Sunday, July 28, 2013

Save this link with your valuable Tweet

DEEPS: Hi all the marketers out there, have you heard of Blinklink? It helps you build a link that self-destructs after certain number of views.

RANDOM MARKETING GUY : So, what? I have seen such services from the day I was born.

DEEPS : Let me finish please!! helps you create a link that self destructs after certain number of views. However, if people Tweet, the link revives. Yes, it is a link that uses Tweets to live.

So, what is there for marketers?

  • Create some content and check whether your audience like your message. If the audience like it, they will let the link live and if not, the link will die and so is your marketing attempt.

How do I get a BlinkLink?

BlinkLink interface
  • Select an image to use with the BlinkLink (No big images please, seems the service auto-crops the images to fit  400 X 400 image placeholder)
  • Type your message
  • Enter the number of times you want the world to read your message
  • Tick "Revivable with Tweets" to enable Tweets add life to your message
  • Click "Make a BlinkLink" and you are done!

The service can be developed a lot more I agree, but for a start, this is good.

Here is my BlinkLink and if you love reading my blog, please let the link live ;)


  1. ගංඟාවේ ගීතයJuly 31, 2013 at 12:00 PM

    Hi.. I am reading your blog since the days you started it. Even i'm not commenting, but I realy enjoying your writing. Specially the Sinhala posts what you used to write those early days.

    Presently i see no much posts like those & nothing in Sinhala. But I wish if I can read one agan.

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge with us tho you are very busy.

  2. Hey, nice to say hi to someone who reads my blog from the early days :) :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment ගංගාවේ ගීතය. It is great to know that you enjoyed reading.

    hmm, yes, I'm very busy these days and most of the times, my mind is not at peace to write like I used to do when I was an under-graduate and the good news is : just started writing a blog post in Sinhala.

    Most probably, it will be published tomorrow.

    Until then, have a nice weekend :)

  3. ගංඟාවේ ගීතයSeptember 5, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Hay, Waiting to see your new post deeps!!