Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meet the people behind "help", learn how they do it

As I have blogged earlier, Technical Communication is a field yet to be explored by the Sri Lankans. Many do not know that such a career path exists in Sri Lanka.

For those Sri Lankans who are in the profession, there is no community gathering or at-least a web portal to share ideas. So, I thought, why not start with a Facebook Community Page.

TechCoMM Sri Lanka is a community for the Technical Communication enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. Make use of the page for all your TechComm needs.

If you are already working as a Technical Writer,

  • Post your ideas
  • Share those interesting links (related to TechComm)
  • If you are looking for a new member to your team, use the page to advertise your vacancy
  • Ask questions from your fellow Technical Writers
  • Tell us the secret of your success

If you are interested in Technical Writing,

  • Watch what is going on
  • Take part in the discussion
  • Ask questions
  • Network with the professionals

Go there, give the page a like and share your love for TechComm.

Great things start small and who knows, your "like" might end up in creating something big at the end ;)

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