Sunday, November 24, 2013

To the bravest man I have ever met in a bus

Yes, you are the MAN!

I call you "the man" because you had the guts to get up and ask me that single question. The bus had stopped in the middle of the road in the busy Kadawatha town, everyone in the bus was staring at me and I was crying, yet you had the guts to ask that question.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Save this link with your valuable Tweet

DEEPS: Hi all the marketers out there, have you heard of Blinklink? It helps you build a link that self-destructs after certain number of views.

RANDOM MARKETING GUY : So, what? I have seen such services from the day I was born.

DEEPS : Let me finish please!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meet the people behind "help", learn how they do it

As I have blogged earlier, Technical Communication is a field yet to be explored by the Sri Lankans. Many do not know that such a career path exists in Sri Lanka.

For those Sri Lankans who are in the profession, there is no community gathering or at-least a web portal to share ideas. So, I thought, why not start with a Facebook Community Page.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I expect no comment because this is just my morning routine

Birds start their daily gossip session and I open my eyes to a room that is far away from my own. Windows are open and the sky is already painted with a reddish hue of the rising sun. Time is still 5.40 but seems everything including nature is getting ready to fight the daily battle.

I get off the bed, treat myself with a shower and start dressing up. I hear a faint "Good Morning" from a soul still comfortably covered in warm a bed sheet. My roommate is still half asleep. I dress up, pack my bag, wave goodbye to whoever awake at that time and climb down the staircase to the ground floor of our building. My landlady is usually found having her breakfast and her cat runs around asking for more food or probably more attention. In a second, a door opens and you hear a gate latch adds its mark to the morning choir of sounds.

I’m out in the lane. Cars, mothers, kids and even the dogs are seen running towards the A1. I join the race too. Survival in Colombo depends on how fast you adapt to the race.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The danger of being the obedient kid

We all have seen that kid.

He does all the school work and never eats from the canteen because the mother does not like it. (For the sake of gender equality, I will use “she” for the next sentences) She never buys a dress that is not approved by the father and she never cries thinking of the shoes that the next door neighbor has got for her birthday. She is happy with what she has.

It is the dream of every parent to raise an obedient kid. Even if the kid is nasty, parents wish he/she was obedient and it is not exaggeration if I say that such nasty kids have at least once heard his/ her mom saying “Look at that kid, he listens to his parents and never fusses around like you do. Look around and learn how to behave”